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It is Winter Time here in Fiore! That means boots, scarves, and coats! Expect to see mages participate in heated snowball fights and out sledding on the hills. However, do not forget that spring is right around the corner and there should be a few early buds decorating trees.

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 Site Code of Conduct

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PostSubject: Site Code of Conduct   Mon Jan 18, 2016 6:28 pm



Drama is bad, even if it's sometimes entertaining to read. If you have a serious problem with someone, please take it elsewhere and don't bring it up on the site or in the cbox. We're not going to tell you that you have to love everyone in the site, but at least be courteous to them while you're here. That said, you don't have to be all puppies and rainbows.


While we don't expect you to post everyday, at least logging on occasionally shouldn't be a problem. It helps us keep track of who's active and around between activity checks. As for actually posting, we'd like once a week. That said, nobody is going to be keeping track. Just try not to keep people waiting.


More specifically, towards your own writing, profile, and character. While we're certainly not hardcore on getting all your grammar correct, we at least expect to see correct spelling. Or at the very least good attempts. Rereading your own posts and writing is not only a good habit, but it will also help you catch mistakes.


The board is rated pg-16. Moderate swearing and violence is fine. If you want to go really far into romantic physical contact, fade to black and take it somewhere where younger folk cannot see.


Yes, this is a roleplay. It does require you to suspend disbelief, however that doesn't mean your character is invincible. This also means we strong discourage god-modding, metagaming, and similar things. And by strongly discourage we mean we'll throw you in a pit of venomous snakes, light you on fire, and chop your limbs off. Or just warn you, that works too.


Not so much a rule as a suggestion. While there will be site arcs and events, you're going to have to find things to do yourself. Especially when creating your character, consider what his or her GOALS might be and then actively pursue them.


Drop into the cbox and say "hi" sometimes. It can get pretty lonely in there.



Account names should be the IGN (in-game name) of your character, in order to keep up with the amount of alt accounts. The IGN should be no longer then 13 characters. Icons don't have any size restrictions just so long as they aren't so large that they stretch the board completely. Keeping them 200x300 is recommended, but unless the AVATAR stretches the board, you should be fine. Signatures should be kept within 500x200. If your graphics are in violation of either of those or assaults our eyesight, we'll take it off completely. Sorry. In addition, your character details and profile must be linked in your signature.


All characters must have face claim from an anime, manga, or game. You're allowed to have as many characters as you like so long as you can keep them all sufficiently active. As stated above, have a separate account for each character.


As stated above, try to keep your grammar and spelling correct. Posting templates are by no means required, though you're free to use them if you like; HOWEVER if your fellow players can't read it because of all the flashy effects and small fonts, please change it. Liquid time is in effect, so you can be in as many threads as you can keep track of. Double posting is not allowed in any group quests.


The chat box is a place of fun and happiness! Only a few rules other than what's in the rulebook: don't advertise, don't IC, and don't spam. You're free to ask questions, chat about silly things, and do whatever you people do.

Be sure to check out the guidelines to RPing in the DWMA Universe!!!!
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Site Code of Conduct
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